Altevita nasal inhaler CONCENTRATION

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Fragrances and scents evoke vivid memories, but even physical feelings. And that’s not all. Scientific studies have confirmed that essential oils have therapeutic effects. They can bring pleasant feelings, sleep, relax, as well as relieve stress, fatigue, depression, headaches. They relieve us of respiratory problems, allergies, energize our body and senses, and get rid of bad mood.

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This inhaler should be used at any time for signs of fatigue, exhaustion or difficulty concentrating. A suitable blend of essential oils can help you energize and stimulate the brain, improve memory and concentration, for example, at work. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

Inhaler for concentration contains a mixture of 100% essential oils:

  • rosemary – number 1, if you need to concentrate on something important, its aroma will revive thought processes and practice memory, it will also support breathing, blood circulation and inner strength
  • mint – helps when you feel drowsy and lethargic and need some stimulus to wake up and focus, has an extra uplifting effect, cleans and opens your breath, helps clear your mind and tries to make you move
  • lemongrass – combats pain and fatigue, has blood flow and anti-stress effects
  • incense – eliminates stress, anxiety, depression, fears that may later manifest as physical or mental illness

A mixture of these 4 essential oils will really give you a kick. Do not reach for energy drinks and other preparations immediately, I recommend that you first try aromatherapy. A very good thing I carry in my purse and inhale when I already have work over my head, and I can’t focus on anything. It’s my favourite inhaler of all seven. It smells very good, and after a short inhalation and gentle stretching, I feel like reborn.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oils Rosmarinus Officinalis, Mentha Piperita, Cymbopogan Citratus, Boswellia Carterii

Capacity: 1ml

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