Altevita nasal inhaler IMMUNITY

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Fragrances and scents evoke vivid memories, but even physical feelings. And that’s not all. Scientific studies have confirmed that essential oils have therapeutic effects. They can bring pleasant feelings, sleep, relax, as well as relieve stress, fatigue, depression, headaches. They relieve us of respiratory problems, allergies, energize our body and senses, and get rid of bad mood.

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The first of the aroma therapeutic inhalers tested is a helper for immunity. It is very useful now, when colder days, rainy weather, cool mornings and nights came after the summer. The flu season is already waiting behind the door. It is recommended to inhale it 3-5 times a day by inserting it into the nostril, plugging the other and inhaling strongly.

This menthol inhaler contains a blend of 100% essential oils:

  • eucalyptus – helps to relieve airways in a state of cold or flu
  • pine – gives a feeling of relief in flu, cold and runny nose
  • lemon – improves mood, helps relieve stress symptoms and promotes breathing
  • ginger – strengthens the body, immune system and is ideal for the airways

Surely you have all heard that ginger tea with honey and lemon is perfect for inhalation and generally for increasing immunity. And indeed, it is true – ginger and lemon are also used in aromatherapy. They are complemented by fresh eucalyptus and pine to relieve from breathing problems.A great combination of scents, a little slightly pungent, doesn’t that remind of traditional nasal inhalers? Well, I do not have a cold, on the contrary, I inhale regularly, and I think that weakened immunity will not bother this year. In addition, I have completely passable nasal cavities. Be sure not to forget long walks, winterisation, lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables, also mentioned ginger tea. And the imaginary cherry on the cake is inhaling a blend of these immune-enhancing oils that you can handle anywhere and anytime thanks to a small inhaler.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Essential Oils Eucalyptus Globulus, Pinus Sylvestris, Citrus Limon, ZIngiber Officinale, Mentha Piperita
Capacity: 1ml

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